Funeral Planning

In Advance

Why you should plan your own funeral

  • It takes the burden off family
  • It makes the process simple
  • It's a whole lot cheaper


Do you know where to look to find the best price caskets for a funeral if you need one? Most people don't. It may sound ghoulish to be talking about pricing caskets but planning for a funeral is a big project. When you truly love your family you will do the planning for them.


One other aspect is to decide is if you want to have a viewing at your funeral. If you don't desire it, you might want to have them skip the embalming as well. Maybe you’d rather have the family get together instead. A closed casket ceremony with a big family remembrance gathering afterwards may just be more proper.


Of course, many people today are opting to skip it all, cremate the remains, and then have the service and wake all at once while scattering the ashes. This may sound somewhat gruesome to some but it can also be a wonderful way to say farewell.

Whatever way you choose to have your funeral, make plans for it today. Leaving this to your loved ones can be easier on you but much harder on them. Planning your own funeral is a great way to show how much you love and care about them.